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Endless possibilities in theme landscape design from Luxury Landscapes.There are so many ways that you can set your home apart from all others and making it uniquely yours. Whatever style your home and taste impart, there are limitless choices in designing themed landscapes in Las Vegas from simple or rustic to great splendor or austere formality. Theme landscapes can mimic a gorgeous desert or tropical setting, and they can also transcend local flavor and transform you outdoor spaces to a distant destination. You don’t have to have a bottomless budget to achieve a beautiful theme landscape around your Las Vegas home.

No limit to what we can create in your yard.

Our expertise as Las Vegas landscapers enhances your home and desert lifestyle by surrounding it beautifully using a broad complement of Las Vegas landscaping options. Luxury Landscapes can create lovely lush or xeriscape design that only grows more beautiful as time goes by. Desert landscaping that is cost effective and low maintenance is your best choice for the Las Vegas climate. We can create a yard for you that is stylish and colorful, whether you prefer cactus and desert blooms or a tropical paradise of your very own.